Church Rituals

To make an appointment for christening, marriage, inauguration of a new home, memorial service or other prayer rituals, please contact the church at (773) 794-2470

A short list of the requirements for performing prayer rituals

Holy Christening - the mother and godparent of the child should be baptized Orthodox Christians. It is recommended to take two towels, a bar of soap, a bottle of wine and a bottle of oil to the church at the day of the christening.

Holy Marriage - the bride and groom should have a marriage certificate. The two newlyweds, as well as the best men should be baptized Orthodox Christians. The wedding rings, a bottle of wine, a flat loaf (or bread) and a box of chocolates (optional) should be taken to the church at the day of the wedding.

Inauguration of a home or an office - there are no specific prerequisites.

Memorial service - traditionally, a bottle of wine, wheat and a flat loaf (or bread) are taken to the church. If desired, other food to give away consistent with the Orthodox fasting calendar can be taken as well. No memorial service for deceased is conducted during the first week of the Easter Lent, from St. Lazar’s Day (Lazarovden) to Sunday of St. Thomas (Tomina nedelya) and from St. Ignatius Day (Ignazhden) to St. John’s day (Ivanovden).